Rants and Raves | March 18, 2022

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AP story: ‘End of Days?’ Some American pastors wonder – How can you be so irresponsible to publish crap like this. All you’re doing is adding to the radical misinformed and ignorant religious freaks in this country.

Mohave County plans Public Health Fair April 22 in Kingman – OOOOOOO. Sounds like so much fun.

Whatever your political persuasion, if you are not fact checking and then fact checking the fact checker you are part of the problem. You can’t trust these pundits! They are performers getting paid millions a year for an act!

Regarding the price of gasoline – America gets approximately 1% of its oil from Russia. Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP are experiencing the highest profit margin they have had in the past seven years. Why is the price of gas spiking? Do the math!

Biden warns of Putin price hikes at pumps – How convenient of Biden to blame price hikes on Putin when we all know they first started with dumping the XL Pipeline. His unbelievable preferences, Iran and Venezuela; thugs and worst of all, filthy fuel. Did he forget his “greenies?”

Daniel Wood’s “Questions for Paul Gosar” letter – Very well put. Some of our problems are due to the present administration, but Ukraine is not Biden’s fault, and neither are the gas prices, There are a number of factors out of his control, like supply and demand for one.

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