Rants and Raves | March 20, 2022

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Televised campaign ads are allowed to be dishonest because they fall under free speech. If the ad is outrageous check it out with a reputable source. TV stations make a mint; even if they could stop it they wouldn’t.

Kingman police to provide extra patrols St. Patrick’s Day weekend – Good grief! This story seems to insinuate the Irish are a bunch of drunks. My two grandfathers were from County Westmeath and County Antrim, Ireland. Neither one drank at all; neither did most of their 13 children. Talk about discrimination.

You have to love baby boomers rant – I do love baby boomers! They are a very unique group of people. They contribute to making America a better place. I have learned the meaning of integrity, kindness, generosity and honor from a baby boomer. Hats off to baby boomers!

I was downtown in Kingman on Wednesday. What’s with the “scooters?” I thought they were a no-go. They’re a good way to cause accidents if ridden on our streets.

Kingman’s State Rep. Regina Cobb skeptical of new state water agency – Thank you, Rep. Cobb, for all of your hard work.

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