Rants and Raves | March 23, 2022

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Five-year-old dies in ATV crash – No 5-year-old child should be operating a motor vehicle. Tragic event that could have been prevented.

Hey, City of Kingman, you need to do something with these scooters! Saturday evening a family was walking across Beale Street and four of those scooters ran right through the middle of them.

Building permits – Where is the water going to come from? I hope the arrogant morons that think it’s all a lefty fake news story are right.

Barillaro brings a world of experience to county libraries – Our library is a fabulous resource. When traveling I can access audio and e books anywhere in the world. Our library helps people access private, government resources and info local to international. The people inside make it happen. Thank you.

Poll: “Would you be willing to pay a property tax to fund street repairs and maintenance in the City of Kingman?” – No. Maybe a sales tax. Everyone benefits from better roads, not just homeowners.

Kingman police to provide extra patrols St. Patrick’s Day weekend rant – Extra police patrols aren’t about you and your sober Irish family. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in bars and restaurants and it’s not a reflection on the Irish; just a matter of keeping inebriated drivers off the road.

UniSource invests $8M – How many residences could $8 million go for undergrounding their services? One of the uglier aspects of some neighborhoods is the forest of poles and wires strung everywhere. Some look as if they are ready to fall. Birdland needs this.

Thanks Sen. Mark Kelly for earmarking the funds for a much-needed flood control project on Bank Street. Unlike your predecessors who ignored our pleas for the past 35 years, you listened to us and responded to our needs. God bless.

Diet Tip: Fast food can’t be that bad, can it? – Most regular fast-food eaters also buy already-prepared store foods you nuke at home; most filled with additives, preservatives, sugar and other crap. These people, overall, don’t take good care of themselves, period. That’s the real problem.

Diet Tip: Fast food can’t be that bad, can it? – I don’t eat fast food often, but when I do the meal lasts me all day. When I stay home and eat healthy I’m hungry again within six hours. I found that I lose weight when I eat out. I’m satisfied.

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