Rants and Raves | March 30, 2022

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Mohave County adds hybrid sedans to fleet – Not mentioned are the numerous disadvantages of these cars. Heavier, not winter-ready, more expensive and numerous other possible problems. My dream is to see us mine our God-given natural resources in the U.S. resulting in great jobs, great wealth.

I have been a member of Kingman Concert Band for more than 20 years, performing in at least 60 concerts. Never have I seen any local dignitary or official in the audience. Perhaps local culture should be recognized and promoted.

Beale Street Theater presents The Sound of Music – The cast did a marvelous job on Sound of Music. Kingman needs the influence of the art world. Go see it first weekend in April at Kingman High School. I also think it should be better advertised to fill audience.

Beale Street Theater presents The Sound of Music – What an incredible performance! All those interested in preserving and supporting the arts in Kingman should attend this. Tickets can be obtained at bealestreettheater.com, or by calling 928-530-8432. Kudos to everyone involved.

Michael Reagan column: Make America better again – Actually, I have had it already, too, with Michael Reagan’s whining and complaining with horrid advice about COVID, the economy, and of course Democrats and our President! It would be nice to see some balance in columns in the Miner!

Kingman is trashy – I, too, find it an embarrassment for Kingman with trash and litter everywhere. Guests ask, why all the litter? Pride in Kingman seems to not exist. What ever happened to having those incarcerated picking up trash?

Kingman man arrested, charged with arson – My best friend and I were there when it happened. We were yelling at the employee and other people to push the emergency shut-off switch. I ended up having to push the big red button.

Arizona Legislature approves 15-week abortion ban – It’s nice to see someone concerned about the unborn children being killed.

Mohave County Supervisors, elected by our majority, are ranting about Marxism. Those who speak out against nonsense, yay! The common-sense tribe is growing here in Mohave County.

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