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Fri, May 20

Letter | Supporting the big lie

In order to be in the Republican party today you must support Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen from him but only in the few states that would have made a difference, and only him, not the majority that happened to be Republicans that were elected in 2020.

So you must be loyal only to imperial ruler for Life Trump to install him in power in 2024 regardless if he wins or not. So voting Republican in 2020 is to kiss our democracy and freedom goodbye forever.

The GOP has the entire Republican party, most of the Supreme Court, all the GOP-controlled state houses, and 2020 installing many Attorneys General and Secretaries of State who count and control the ballots of an election and are being financed to run and win in order to cheat the people out of their votes when the time comes for Trump (his coup failed due to honest lawmakers that would not cheat and lie for Trump).

Worse, people don’t care or are all in for this lawless crime boss so our country and 240-plus years of freedom will soon be at an end.

Best have lots of money in the new Fascist America as the only future government support will be 15 years in jail if you think for a second you still have any rights.

Like Russia it’s a pay to play world. The other 90% are useless, mindless peasants to be ruled not governed.

Andy Worth


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