Rants and Raves | May 4, 2022

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Editorial Cartoon/May 1 – This is a fine example of taking someone’s words out of context. I heard Rand Paul speak on the issue and it is obvious he wasn’t excusing Russia.

Editorial Cartoon/May 1 – The political cartoon of Libertarian Rand Paul implying Russia has a right to attack countries that were once part of Russia was illuminating. Our country once belonged to England. Should we just surrender if they ask for it back?

Column/Hillary Clinton keeps getting it right – I’m sorry, but is this gentleman a complete idiot? Hilary Clinton is one of the most disingenuous, disgusting liars on the planet. Anyone who would listen to anything she has to say is either a fool or also a liar.

It’s hardly an insurrection when Capitol police were holding the doors to the Capitol open and letting people in.

Woman avoids jail for voting dead mom’s ballot – And yet, hundreds if not thousands of left-wingers committed all kinds of fraud (against Donald Trump to illegally give the last election to Biden and so far, nothing has been done to them. Scary new America.

Ukrainians plead for Mariupol rescue – It’s outrageous in this day and age that these poor people have to suffer like this in Mariupol due to the insanity of Putin. Come on people, there has to be some way to rescue these injured, starving Ukrainians.

Gosar, Biggs and the other guy tried to overthrow our democracy. They do nothing in Congress but promote Trump to become dictator for life. The GOP is busy taking away our civil rights, not protecting them.

Somebody please tell Democrats what build back better really takes. It takes strong families, morals, military, police, justice system and borders. All the things they are trying to destroy.

What a disgrace! – How could anybody with morals tolerate current GOP? I’m from California. I was blessed and didn’t know it. I’ve never lived in a community until Kingman/Butler so patrolled by police yet aesthetically revolting, plagued by immense poverty, drug abuse and neglect!

Take away City of Kingman checkbook – So, some think that we need an electric car museum, the same way that we needed a $170,000 welcome to Kingman Sign. The same way that we need a $10,000 lizard. What did the building cost, not including remodel?

Selective leftwing rant printing – I notice that left wing rants that insult Trump or his supporters are printed. I also notice that responses to these rants are not printed. Go figure. “Go Brandon!”

California, mind your own business – Why is a letter from a Needles resident posted in the Miner? This person does not live in Kingman but has an opinion.

Worried about water? A new hotel in Kingman is breaking ground. No water use there, right?

Another day of not being able to even see the Hualapai Mountains due to bad air quality. What has happened to Kingman? Blowing dust constantly.

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