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Fri, May 20

Letter | Get this straight

So let me get this straight. According to the Progressive Socialist Democrat Party I should vote to allow them to keep power so: males can compete against females in sports if the male identifies as a female?

So, a male who feels like a female can use the same restroom and lockerroom as my sister or daughter.

Everything, according to your party, is now based on race, no matter if one is a born victim or oppressor?

The continuing pattern of tax-and-spend means more and more debt will of course never be halted by your party. Meaning there is never too much debt.

The military must be equitable and rascally balanced. Fighting ability comes second.

While dozens of cities burned while Black Lives Matter advocated defunding the police you just climbed right on that band wagon trying to collect all those new revolutionary voters. So now the nation lives in fear as no one of the criminal class fears law enforcement or the courts to do the right thing.

Defund the police is the means to get rid of bad cops? Or to redistribute wealth? I understand you have brought back “pork” and all the fraud, waste and abuse that goes with it. As if $30 trillion in debt isn’t enough already?

You wish to have LGBT representatives and or classroom teachers advocating to grammar school students the “gay lifestyle” that they have a choice of what sex they get to be, they can make the transition without parental permission and that includes injections to hold off puberty.

Instead of fixing our educational system you just open the border to millions along with human trafficking and illegal drugs. No matter that the American people themselves have chosen to have fewer children you are corrupting that decision by allowing in millions of what you call new voters in, once again altering the culture of self-reliance and responsibility.

Vote for you never; love America forever .

William Ressegue


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