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Fri, May 20

Letter | Indifference is amazing

As we slowly back into World War III I am amazed at the total indifference I see with the American people. It is, no doubt, the fault of the MainStream Media that the urgency of world events are taken with such indifference.

It is not just the war in the Ukraine that worries me even though nuclear war is spoken of on the Russian nightly news.

There is a world-wide drought that will drop food production for years to come. Food plants are being systematically burned throughout the world and here in the U.S. The avian flu is killing chickens by the millions but so long as there is pizza, beer and Monday night football nobody cares.

Well, the day is coming when they will care. The day is coming when there will not be enough food. The day is coming when the Mexican cartels will wage war everywhere in the country instead of just the border and American liberals will have to defend themselves because they have disbanded the police and cut the military.

The day is coming when there will be a real pandemic with millions of dead and the horror cannot be ignored. Then, nobody will care what kind of car you drive, how stylish you are or where you live.

So fear not America, your fate is secure. At a time of history that our leadership should be the absolute best the country can produce, our president shows signs of severe dementia. His son’s laptop is filled with drugs, sex crimes and impeachable evidence that the whole family was bought and sold by the Chinese.

My fear is this: The closer we get to impeaching Joe Biden, the closer we are to nuclear war.

Michael Pacer


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