Rants and Raves | May 6, 2022

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Somebody please tell Democrats what “build back better” really means. It takes strong families, morals, police, military, justice system and borders – all the things they are destroying.

Leak indicates court may overturn Roe V Wade – Motherhood should be a choice; not a court sentence!

Mohave County Board of Supervisors take steps to possibly move fairgrounds to site near I-40 in Golden Valley – Hope this goes through. Much better, easier, access/location.

Moving Fairgrounds – The fairgrounds have been at the present location since the 1960s. Anyone who lives nearby should have done their research. I can’t help but wonder who has something to gain from moving it.

Those lacking college degrees don’t want their taxes paying for student loan forgiveness.

Biden blasts “radical” Roe draft, says others rights in danger – Radical? What’s radical is killing your own child inside you in a gruesome manner, then getting away with it. If someone else shot your pregnant stomach killing your unborn child, they would be charged with murder.

Scooters – Scooters are dangerous. It was a poor decision to put them around town. Are these people supposed to be on sidewalks or roads?

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