Rants and Raves | May 11, 2022

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Nevada passed a law (awaiting governor’s signature) to outlaw “ornamental lawns common to office parks, street medians and housing developments that require irrigation, but provide no recreational or environmental benefits.” That saves 12 billion gallons of water per year. Where is our city council?

Parents who vote Republican don’t care about their children – Republican politicians love to brag about how they love children by abolishing abortion rights. Well, they sure don’t care about children after they are born or else there would be paid maternity leave, and free or reduced daycare.

Don’t waste our dollars – Before wasting our dollars on relocating the fairgrounds to Golden Valley, the primary goal should be creating a fair worth attending. It’s always the same MLM vendors, awful food, sad entertainment and tacky carnies with overpriced rides. Events in Kingman are embarrassing.

Yet another rant about a candidate that lost six years ago – I’ll agree Hillary was a horrible candidate. That’s obvious! I mean she lost to Donald Trump! She was the most disgusting person to ever run for, much less hold, the office. We deserve better than these crooked, old elites!

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