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Sat, May 28

Community View | South Cove launch ramp at critical point

How is it that the South Cove launch ramp situation has reached this critical point of impending total closure? Everyone involved has known that the dropping water elevation of Lake Mead was threatening the launch ramp for well over four years. Why haven’t more proactive measures been taken by those tasked with the responsibility to do so? Why haven’t the studies that are needed for deeper construction already been completed?

This launch ramp crisis should have never happened. There was a plan. But there was not enough action to implement that plan or hold NPS accountable for their failure to prioritize South Cove as it should have been.

The economy of Meadview is going to be decimated with a total shut down of the launch ramp. Property values are going to tank. Where was the urgency back when there was time to find and implement viable solutions? This constant “crisis mode” in Mohave County is infuriating.

Real Change PAC has taken on this fight to hold NPS accountable to their mission and plans to keep the launch ramp open to 950 feet, because Jack Ehrhardt refused to just give up the way everyone else had, including Don Martin, who was ready to just sell his Meadview property and walk away (because he can).

But what about the people who have invested everything in their property and life in Meadview who can’t just cut their losses and run?

Meadview is a retirement community. It’s heart-wrenching to think about all of the personal devastation that will rip through this amazing community when the Meadview economy dries up unnecessarily. Had the county been more proactive about motivating NPS to prioritize South Cove launch ramp and get the pieces in place when there was time, this crisis absolutely could have been averted.

Real Change PAC initiated the petition to raise awareness of the impending closure that’s been circulating throughout the county.

The PAC also teamed up with State Rep. Regina Cobb, who is working on state-level support for whatever needs to be done to keep the launch ramp open. And the PAC garnered Congressman Gosar’s support with his direct request to the National Park Service to follow through with their plan to maintain the launch ramp to 950 feet. But is it too late to save South Cove?

NPS is not the villain. The mega-drought is creating unprecedented changes to our regional climate, creating a daunting “up river” battle on every level.

But how many times do we need to be painfully reminded that government can’t replace the grassroots passion that drives people to protect the things that are most precious and irreplaceable in our lives? Honestly, if “We the People” just stand back expecting our government to do what’s right by us, how can we ever expect anything to change?

Our government works for us, but not without our hands firmly on the reins of representation.

Real Change PAC will continue to fight for the continued operation of the South Cove launch ramp, but the grassroots throughout our county needs to “catch fire” and start fighting with that personal passion that can move mountains and build launch ramps. Otherwise, Mohave County is going to lose a whole lot more than just access to Lake Mead.

(J’aime Morgaine is executive director of Real Change, Arizona Standing PAC #100614.)

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