Rants and Raves | May 13, 2022

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Service Dogs – I have a big problem with dogs in restaurants or grocery stores. People abuse the “service dog” issue. The blind truly need a service dog, but not someone who claims the dog gives them “emotional support.” Some people have allergies.

Of 61 million abortions over the 47 years abortions have been legal, few were for fetal viability/rape/incest. It’s always about the mother; not the pain a baby feels. It’s simply demonic, your own mother killing you.

Why does the light on Airway Avenue at Walmart turn red when no one is coming out of their parking lot? It even turns red after they close. We’re forced to stop for nothing! It’s a waste of gas and time.

Don’t waste our tax dollars fairgrounds rant – Complaining about carnival foods and rides? Excuse me? Really? I say bring back Hualapai Downs (horse racing at the fairgrounds)! I’m ready! And, in bustling central Kingman, Arizona, no less! Not in Golden Valley, thank you.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just inducted Dolly Parton. So when is the country hall of fame going to induct Led Zeppelin? Nothing is what it claims to be!

I’m not opposing another hotel but the writer’s correct. We had better shopping choices in the 1940s and 1950s than now such as Central Commercial Company, Alex’s Toggery, Bessie Bordon’s, Penney’s. It’s ridiculous the few we have now.

Do the citizens of Mohave County know most of the power from our new wind turbines along Highway 93 goes to California? Why would our leaders let our desert be used for California?

Mohave County Board of Supervisors looks at solar field as energy solution – I agree that an alternative energy source is a needed project for Mohave County. A better location would be Lake Havasu City. Golden Valley is already blessed with a prison, the Beehive info storage and dust farms.

Alternative proposal to end abortion – To end abortion, let’s go to the source! Every male, upon puberty, gets an easily reversible vasectomy. When men marry and are completely ready to assume the responsibilities of parenthood, they can have reversal surgery.

Every time we walk the downtown area we can’t help but notice the trash and debris against the curbs, and around the parklets. Weeks later it is still a mess. Who is responsible to clean this mess up?

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