Rants and Raves | May 18, 2022

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Traffic east on Southern Avenue to Rancho Santa Fe has increased significantly. Some drivers either can’t read the speed limit of 35 mph or they don’t care. I hope they can’t read. This is our town. Slow down. Be a good neighbor. No need to tailgate and pass on the double-yellow line.

Mohave County Board of Supervisors looks at solar field as energy solution – Supervisor Jean Bishop incorrectly states that we need “renewable energy.” The county needs energy, period. Nuclear would make more sense. Get over the irrational fear of nuclear energy and go for a reliable, dependable source that works at night, too.

Mohave County Health Director Denise Burley resigns – Kudos, Denise Burley, for always managing to keep it about public health and the known facts while facing hateful criticism along with constant attempts to manipulate the facts by Hildy Angius and Ron Gould to suit their personal political beliefs.

Kingman Tractor Supply opens new garden center – Great news, indeed, now that Walmart has downsized/moved their garden center and Home Depot’s a little farther out. Very best wishes with this endeavor. We Kingman people love gardening.

Today I had a sheriff’s deputy behind me as I left a convenience store, then a gray, unmarked state or federal something or other drove by while I happened to walk outside my house. Are we under martial law in Butler?

Terri Matson letter: Hire a retiree – There is a great organization in Mohave County that helps older adults stay active and healthy, give back to their local community, and earn a tax-free stipend. It’s called AmeriCorps Seniors. You can call 928-715-2200 to learn more.

Plants, including trees and grass, don’t consume much water. They release most of it back into the air. (Otherwise, they would be swelled up gigantically.) Plants change CO2 into oxygen. To reduce CO2 we need more plants, not less.

Kingman is starting to feel like California. What can be done to change this? How are we working to keep Kingman from becoming too big? To keep Kingmanites from being too discourteous to each other? Please smile.

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