Letter | No-plan Biden strikes again

Thanks, President Biden, for once again putting illegals above actual United States citizens. In this case, even worse, United States babies. But then, Biden also doesn't think much of babies in the womb, either.

Last November, Biden's FDA shut down number one U.S. baby formula manufacturer Abbott (43%) on a tip of contamination when two babies became sick and two died. No provision at all to backfill that 43% was made by the Biden administration in spite of the fact it was determined very quickly that no evidence linked Abbott to the deaths.

And as new mothers nationwide scramble to find life-saving formula for their babies, the Biden FDA has still not allowed Abbott to reopen.

But we now learn, thanks to Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-Florida) that there's a tractor-trailer filled with pallets packed with baby formula in McAllen, Texas, for illegals’ babies. Pictures included. And border patrol agents are now not allowed to go into storerooms on the border for fear they'll rat on the Biden administration providing formula for illegals while U.S. citizens do without.

This is outrageous! Could somebody please tell Joe Biden he didn't take an oath to illegals; he took an oath to United States citizens?

We didn't used to be a third world country but I am in great fear for us now with crime out of control, gas and grocery prices sky high, Biden's open southern border with God only knows who coming in from 151 different countries, 100,000 deaths from fentanyl smuggled through that open border which is basically run by cartels, people living on streets, garbage being taught to children as young as 4 years old in our schools, criminals walking free in liberal states, Biden's spending out of control, and now this.

Linda Athens


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