Rants and Raves | May 27, 2022

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The dumbest person in a political race is the voter who thinks their vote counts and that the person they are backing will really do anything they promise

Be sure to use a county approved rescue or shelter – One that isn’t mentioned on this list but which was recommended to me is Feral Cat Warriors (www.feralcatwarriors.org - 865-217-6532). I connected with them and found their love and care with my cat problem was outstanding. A+ ladies.

Archbishop of San Francisco just another old white guy telling women what they can or can’t do and punishing them when they don’t do what he says – maybe he should spend more time punishing the pervert priests!

Mohave County Left Out Of Recent Downwinders Bill - Both Paul Gosar and Mark Kelly voted for this bill. However, at least Gosar’s been trying to get Mohave County included. Mark Kelly? If he doesn’t stand up for Mohave, Democrats here should refuse to vote for him this November!

South Kingman should host fairgrounds – What is meant by South Kingman? Isn’t South Kingman south of the railroad tracks in downtown Kingman? Where I grew up? And are there really so many annual events, it bothers neighbors?

Republican Senate candidates, including Masters in Arizona, promote replacement” theory - The replacement will continue. GOP Nixon, Reagan, Bush’s, Trump, sold Americans out to the communist Chinese (now Nazis) and immigrants for cheap labor. Say goodbye to your guns, social security, min. wage, freedom, world reserve currency.... Vote independent.

Breaking news: Abortion and guns is all it takes to implode a society of over privileged fat, lazy despicable, drug, porn, food, alcohol and shopping addicts!

Choice one: invest in equipment/employees to assure long term stability and productive capacity. Choice two: use that wealth to buy back stocks and distribute the profits to wealthy shareholders while neglecting adequate capital investment. Surely baby-formula shortage is Biden’s fault!

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