Letter | Infant formula crisis

Something missed by most people is the fact that when our nation needed to act in support of our children 192 Republicans voted against the bill that would have provided $28 million in funding for the FDA to deal with the infant formula shortage – within days of criticizing President Biden for “not doing enough on the issue.”

Among those 192 is Congresswoman is Kat Cammack (R-Florida) who made a bid deal about finding formula stored at a border facility in McAllen, Texas, reserved for the children of those seeking asylum in our once great and welcoming nation. According to the “use by” dates it is more than obvious the formula had been in storage for quite some time and the amount is so minuscule it would have no actual bearing on assisting with the nationwide shortage.

Of course this member of Congress attempted to blame President Biden – the man elected by the American people to replace a fool – for the shortage when in fact, as with most of the misery we are suffering as a nation, the problem can be laid at the feet of yet another greedy corporation.

Bob Moore


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