Rants and Raves | May 29, 2022

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County sees four new COVID deaths - Does anybody die of the flu anymore or die of anything else? I see a 99-pound fentynal bust on the last page of the paper!

More Memorial Day travel despite high gas prices - Unbelievable we have all the gas right here we’ll ever need; were energy independent, providing it to others, under Trump. Biden threw that out, now begs communist countries for fuel. Speaking of mentally unbalanced; Biden, an American hater, is NUTS!

People are trying to blame the PD in Texas. For one thing, S.W.A.T. was not sitting waiting for this to happen. If they stormed the school how many more people would have been killed? S.W.A.T. and all PD are trained to do it the right way. Looking for some to blame the school. Made an error. So let’s move on.

Racism and violence in Buffalo - The shooters writings reveal he was also a Jew-hater. Wanted them all in hell. He also killed two whites. That doesn’t count? They aren’t black! He already had mental health testing; two normal parents. Sorry! More than white supremacy here.

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