Rants and Raves | June 1, 2022

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Do all the law enforcement officers in the city and county have protective clothing and gear? If not, our city and county governments should provide them. Maybe they could contact NRA for grant money.

Downwinder bill clears House, Mohave excluded – Outrageous! Many of us living through the testing lost family members and friends at young ages and themselves battled cancer.

Tribal request to halt Santa Rita Copper Mine is denied – Great ruling! Private land, jobs and more. This entire state was founded on mining and it didn’t kill us at all; it created jobs and a state. Three of my great-grandfathers came here to mine, raised families, contributed greatly.

Thank you to Carissa at Big Lots who helped me in a diabetic crisis. I was locked out of my car without money or medication. You spent your own money to buy me food. God Bless You, beautiful person.

Gov. Ducey may try again for legislation to keep guns away from those deemed dangerous – Good luck. Until these school shootings hit private upscale schools, these tragedies will continue.

We need to immediately stop selling assault rifles. Then register every one that’s out in the public. Don’t want to register it? Keep it at home. If found anywhere outside the home not registered, confiscate.

We need a fix to a real nightmare traffic problem at Beale Street and I-40. It doesn’t matter what day of week it is, or holiday, it’s every day.

We need to address the why in mass shootings – The answer is simple. Nearly every “mass” shooter has been a cannabis user which scrambles the brain. Most are boys without fathers, often mothers on drugs, no family coherence but mainly, no Christianity we were founded on. It has been trampled.

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