Letter | Elections are safe and secure

In Arizona 90% vote by mail and I received my ballot along with a state publication explaining the issues and candidates on the ballot so I had time to review the issues. Then I completed my ballot, sent it in early by mail, and then within a week called the Mohave ballot tracking number, which shows the date received it was received by the election board and verified my registration and signature and then approved my vote to be counted.

It is impossible to cheat as all ballots are verified before counting, so fake or more then one ballot will never count.

If there’s a question they even call you to come in to prove any problems with your ballot.

For over 140-plus years we have had safe and secure voting until this new radicalized fascist Republican party refused to accept defeat.

We are losing our democracy so you best choose wisely as once in power authoritarian governments don’t give up power ever again.

People in Ukraine, Iran, Russia and Hong Kong are dying fighting for freedom while half our country is willing to vote our very freedoms away.

Andy Worth


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