Letter | Venezuelan invasion

I caught a brief story on the downtown El Paso, Texas border area on Nov. 2.

Video showed a group of people identified as illegals carrying a gigantic Venezuelan flag across the water into the U.S. as Border Patrol agents approached. One agent was attacked and injured with the flag, and another was injured by rocks the Venezuelans were throwing. Border Patrol responded with non-lethal force.

I found nowhere else the story was even carried. But entering a country illegally carrying a flag of another country is actually called an invasion, and requires a military response and some words from the president of the illegally entered country. I dare say, Donald Trump would have had the National Guard there posthaste.

We did get words. Biden soon came on and spent 30 minutes talking about, not the Venezuelans or the injured BP agents, but about how he really had won the 2020 election and then rambled on about Jan. 6, the day Trump told his enormous crowd to go to the Capitol to demonstrate peacefully. He always leaves that last part out.

A couple of thoughts. If Venezuela is so great (it's now a cesspool!), why drag yourself and your flag to our country? And if Biden, in his desperate, demented state, is so worried about Nov 8, why use 30 minutes to explain to us how he won the last election.

Thank you Border Patrol for all you've been through. Living in El Paso 35 years and having BP friends, I know how hard working under the Biden Administration is and the new, illegal "open borders" policy has been. And yet, they keep on serving. True Americans.

Linda Athens


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