Rants and Raves | Nov. 23, 2022

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Luis Vega column: 1800s charcoal or coke ovens – The information shared by Luis Vega was very interesting, as was the photo that accompanied the article. Thank you very much.

Here is the problem. Only 33.54% of you people voted. Why? Was there a big, long line? I doubt it. Fifty-one point nine percent of Republicans and 44.42% of Democrats, but the Republicans did a better job. Whats wrong with the 66.46% (two-thirds) of you?

Kelli Ward ought to step aside. She cannot deliver as a winning GOP candidate. Looks like it’s back to “Chem Trails” to drive her quackery business in “California East.”

Mohave County Supervisor Travis Lingenfelter says the roads north of the Colorado river have been neglected and you can barely access the area.

Pooh cartoon – What the heck was that? If better choices can’t be made please don’t include them.

Election 2022 – Thousands of retirees complained that inflation was taking money out of their pocket, yet they voted for a candidate (Blake Masters) who wanted to reduce social security and medicare benefits, which would take money out of their pocket. Go figure. Ms. Lake says Arizonans knows BS when they see it. That’s true. They saw that most of the BS was coming from her, and voted for her opponent.

Mohave County Supervisors to renew constitutional sanctuary debate – This “constitutional sanctuary” debate is just extremist hot air. Two years ago they didn’t like mask mandates yet they think mandates controlling a woman’s body are fine? Local community police must comply with state law. Stop making Mohave County the laughing stock of the state.

How about a vote on making Stockton Hill South onto Airway East have two turn lanes as it does at Airway West onto Andy Divine South? This would surely improve traffic flow at that intersection.

War – We don’t have to wait for WWW III. We are already at war with ourselves. We can’t go to church, school, movies, sports events, the grocery store or we just could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We just don’t have bombs dropped on us. Why is America so filled with hate?

Mohave County Supervisors to renew constitutional sanctuary debate – Supervisor Hildy Angius is not judicially qualified to decide what laws are constitutional. This remains a political statement about personal ideology. Any conflict “believed” to be unconstitutional should be decided by the judicial branch of law, not the Mohave County Supervisors.

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