Rants and Raves | Nov. 27, 2022

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Supervisors delay certifying election as political statement – I can’t believe the Mohave County Board of Supervisors is not certifying the election because they want to make a political statement. Are you kidding me? Can we please not have MAGA and QAnon members on the board? So embarrassing.

I am really happy to see Mohave County Supervisor Travis Lingenfelter hanging out with insurrectionist and known white supremacist Paul Gosar while in Washington, D.C. Great job, Travis.

Election Deniers – When will the voice of the people voting either way be accepted by the losing Republicans. We have those who won’t concede and/or sue because they lost. They should accept the fact they lost and move on.

Cardinals lose to 49ers in Mexico City – I propose that after this season the Cardinals hire Coach Eric Bieniemy from Kansas City. An offensive genius paired with our offensive weapons? What could go wrong?

Supervisors delay certifying election as political statement – I can’t think of a better way to divide our country than for our Mohave County Board of Supervisors to pull this stunt. Why? To show solidarity to other counties? How about we move forward and become the UNITED States of America once again?

Supervisors delay certifying election as political statement – Would the supervisors delay certification if their favored candidates had won? I think not. Can I now trust the board to put the interests of county constituents first or will the interests of their political party take precedent?

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