Letter | Vote no on Prop. 128

Your vote on Proposition 128 is one of the most critically important votes that Arizonans will make.

The seemingly insignificant changes shown in the Arizona 2022 General Election publicity pamphlet are in reality a Trojan horse.

The effect, if it passes, will be to open the door for the Legislature (Arizona's senators and representatives) to make changes to an initiative or referendum (an Arizona Peoples’ Law, rather than a law passed by the Legislature) with only a majority vote (one vote more than half of the Legislature), instead of the current legal requirement of a vote by three-fourths of the Legislature.

What this means, if Prop. 128 passes, is that Arizona voters will ultimately be blocked from their No. 1 power in this state.

Even the analysis by the Arizona Legislative Council (made up of seven Democrats and seven Republicans in the Arizona Senate and House) states that this would be the result of the voters' approval of Proposition 128.

Don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of the proposed changes. Vote “no” on Prop. 128.

Terris Teale

Green Valley, Arizona

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