Letter | Dumber than Putin

Putin’s decision to go to war, and the death, destruction, and annexation he is carrying out, all teach us why our Founding Fathers put war-making into the hands of the Congress, not the president.

And yet we have fallen into the same undemocratic practice in America.

Putin used deceit just like some of our presidents did in coaxing America into its earliest foreign wars. After a year of training exercises left troops massed on Ukraine’s border, he consulted with his Legislature just two days before rolling into Ukraine, and claimed it was they who authorized what was really his own hot-headed dream.

America has long dropped even the Putinesque trickery of obtaining a flimsy declaration of war and allowed our presidents to illegally start conflicts with no Congressional declaration at all. How smart are we? Not even as smart as Putin.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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