Letter | Good luck out there

When are we going to clamp down on unprofessional drivers of 40-ton vehicles that slam into other semis or worse, take private vehicles out. I’m talking about the two-semi-truck accident on I-40, slightly east from Kingman.

This was a preventable accident. It did not have to happen.

More accidents have happened there on a consistent basis than anywhere else in northern Arizona. I-40 between Kingman and Loves truck stop is death row.

When are the authorities going to keep citizens safe by adopting stringent rules of who can get behind the wheel of semi-trucks.

Do I know what my mouth delivers? Yep. Been in the business since 1969. I've seen the destruction of the trucking industry because of sub-par drivers who make up 90% of the drivers you pass on highways and all roads.

Never follow a semi. Never pass a semi unless you can do it fast and quick.

Good luck out there people. That semi you're near can take you out quicker than you can imagine.

B. Chetkauskas


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