Rants and Raves | Sept. 7, 2022

Let us know what’s on your mind in 40 words or less. Submit Rants and Raves at kdminer.com/rants-and-raves or email editorial@kdminer.com. If your rant/rave is about a specific story please mention the headline. Rants and raves must be original; not plagiarized. We receive many more rants and raves than we can print. Local rants and raves are preferred.

Safeway grocery store update? Company has nothing to say – Safeway needs to build a new store on Hualapai Mountain Road.

Nonprofit sees feral cats still flooding streets – Last year, I took two kittens whose feral mother was run over. Feral Cat Warriors paid the vet bill, and couldn’t have been nicer. These beautiful kittens filled a hole in my heart.

Response to kids and dirt bikes rant – Contact your city or county officials to report dust and noise from dirt bikes and quads. There are some ordinances in place that prohibit a nuisance in residential neighborhoods.

Don’t cry about fentanyl coming across the border killing people when you can walk into Safeway, buy a jug of whiskey and drink yourself to death or kill innocent people with a vehicle.

Blake Masters recently deleted anti–abortion rhetoric from his campaign website. Like so many other Republican candidates he’s afraid this topic will alienate voters. What a fake and hypocrite.

Mark Kelly talks with Kingman veterans about housing and medical care – Mark Kelly understands the needs of those who, like himself, have served our nation. So good to see he took the time to come to Kingman to address these issues.

What fun it was watching the Little League World Series. The winners are the only true World Champions. The winner of the American and National leagues can’t be true World Series winners. Are there any other teams from around the world? No!

Biden needs to decriminalize marijuana by executive order before the midterms! Weed combined with abortion will shine light on how opposed to freedom the Republican Party actually is. Many, many Trump supporters smoke that hippie lettuce, that’s for sure. Brilliant strategy!

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