Rants and Raves | Sept. 9, 2022

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Mohave County Supervisors approve workforce housing study – Hopefully the study will include a discussion of barriers caused by taxes, fees and regulations that increase construction and ownership cost; delays of project completion caused by untimely approvals; and include a home ownership financing strategy for low-income workers.

Update: 2 men rescued from flash flood in Golden Valley – All these fools need to be left to themselves or fined under the Arizona Stupid Motorist Law. I actually saw a 50 something go around a line of people to cross. Apparently floating sideways is fun!

Go, Kingman High School Bulldogs football team. Congratulations on your latest victory. Keep up the hard work.

Mark Kelly visits Kingman – It is nice that Mark Kelly came to Kingman to talk to 10 veterans. It would be nice if he would also come to Kingman to talk about taxes going up, inflation, high energy prices, etc. etc. Ain’t gonna happen.

I had a Sen. Mark Kelly for Re-election sign on my property which was cut down. I understand someone has removed a lot of his signs around town. I guess Republicans don’t believe in fair elections. Shame. The police have been notified.

Walmart opening – How about Walmart actually make some customer-friendly renovations. And how about this newspaper actually hold them accountable instead of doing a fluff piece.

Response to containers not deterring border crossings rant – The Biden administration not performing its duty of protecting Americans and securing our border forces our governors to take drastic action to do so. Thank you, Gov. Ducey.

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