Rants and Raves | Sept. 11, 2022

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There would be less of a problem with illegal drugs being smuggled across the border if Americans would quit purchasing these illegal drugs.

I think it is wonderful that Sen. Mark Kelly came to Kingman to talk with veterans. Since Kelly is also a veteran, no doubt he would value them. His opponent in the race is not a veteran.

UK’S Queen Elizabeth Dead at 96 – Rest in peace, sweet queen, now with the Savior you so believed in and the husband you adored. The only English monarch most of us can remember, this woman was not only kind, caring and loving but made of steel.

Linda Varon letter: Nastiness defined – Could it be Linda Varon doesn’t like Christine Flowers because she leans to the right? Personally, I like her columns.

Christine Flowers column – Flowers is trash! What an ignorant perspective! Someone that glorifies dropping out of school to pick up trash! If the Miner paid to publish that drivel you got ripped off!

Weeds! – Here we go again with weeds all over residential neighborhoods after rains. It makes everyone’s property values go down! Landlords and property managers please check your renters to make sure the front yards have minimal weeds.

Regarding the proposed housing study, anything that would help the current housing availability situation is a good thing. I think we have hit the bottom with regard to affordable housing in Mohave County. Let’s just do it!

LWHS Chess Team Wins – Congratulations to the Volunteer Chess Team! It is refreshing to see some of our youth honing their cerebral skills and being recognized for these accomplishments. Could there be a future leader of our state or country in that picture?

Supervisors approve workforce housing study – A $144,000 dollar study so we can get grants for low-income housing. They have already ruined Kingman with high density lots. How about we build the apartments next door to each city councilman’s house.

Dick Polman column: Every picture tells a story, but this one writes itself. – I never thought I would say this, but Karl Rove is right on. Good to have him still active. Bless his heart.

Stranded motorists in wash – The drivers that ignore warnings about the dangers of rushing water should be charged with the bill for the rescue. Maybe others will think twice before attempting to cross a flooded wash.

Two Kingman students arrested – Arrest the girls for what? Making a list? Did they act on it? Did they verbally threaten anyone? The root of the problem should be addressed by suspending the bullies!!

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