Rants and Raves | Sept. 16, 2022

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COVID–19 kills 17 county residents rant – Regarding the editor’s note on the “COVID–19 Kills” Rant and Rave: If you believe the government (i.e., CDC, FDA, etc.) regarding the effectiveness of COVID vaccines, I’ve got some swamp land in Arizona to sell you.

COVID–19 kills 17 county residents rant – A 46% vaccination rate in county? That means many if not all who died did not have to die.

Joe Hart – businessman, mine inspector and lawmaker – dies at 78 – Rest in peace, Joe. It was wonderful fun growing up with all the Hart family. My deepest sympathy to all the family and specifically to Harriet.

Christine Flowers column: Sad to see vitriol spewed at Queen Elizabeth – In an article about vitriol, Flowers cannot help herself but to repeat ugly comments and spread some of her own, judging those who expressed negative feelings, and of course, including a racial dig. Does the Miner pay for this trash?

Building strong communities should be a team sport – I have no connection to Walmart other than occasionally shopping there, but I get tired of people whining about them. Stores don’t close down because Walmart moves in, they close because people quit shopping at them. Nobody makes them stop.

To the Kingmanite protesting student loan forgiveness – If you borrow money, pay it back! I don’t care how honorable you think the medical profession is, I worked hard for my diploma also. I paid every dime. You did not offer to pay that back for me!

Rancho Santa Fe Interchange costs rising – Very disheartening. Kingman needs this interchange and has needed it for quite some time. The city continues to grow in population, with many new housing developments, but everything else has not caught up. What a mess.

Two Kingman students arrested: “Arrest the girls for what? Making a list? rant – Would it have been better if they waited until something happened? Actually, kids need to be taught that it is OK to report and speak up.

Keep library parking for library use – This has been a problem for years. Families and friends of kids’ sports should learn a lesson. Walking a bit from a parking space in the park is good for you. Library attendees should not have to be inconvenienced!

Homeless veteran housing – Additional vouchers won’t do any good if there aren’t housing units for vets to move into! I moved my brother up here last year and was not able to find housing. Currently in motel for $650 month.

The government needs to stop viewing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as threatening should extraterrestrials be visiting Earth. UAPs have not attacked U.S. naval vessels. They are not causing anyone harm. Plus, extraterrestrials could possess technology and wisdom that could greatly benefit humanity.

To the Kingmanite complaining about high density housing ruining Kingman – What’s ruining Kingman is a worker shortage because workers won’t work where they can’t find affordable housing. Enjoy longer lines at Walmart with less stuff being stocked as a result.

Mohave County Public Works and Sheriff’s Office employees monitored water crossings to protect motorists, then county employees worked into the night to clean up the storm debris. Thank you.

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