Rants and Raves | Sept. 18, 2022

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End mass incarceration and COVID – I’m furious that my loved one in Kingman jail already has congestive heart failure and needs to be under care of his doctor. Jail offers nothing he needs to recover. And now he has COVID. Let him out. End mass incarceration.

UFO rant – Agreed! I think interaction with other planetary beings is our only hope. We are intent on dominating each other to the point of extinction.

Student loans – To the boomers complaining about student loan forgiveness. Borrowers would love to repay student loans just like you.

Student loans – If you feel saddled by a student loan, you bought the saddle. You should sit in it. No one else made that decision for you. No one else should have to pay off the loan for you.

Mayor Watkins talks up sales tax – Why would Kingman’s Mayor and City Council want to bring forth a proposal for a sales tax increase with the current inflation rate and with a recession looming over our heads. Poor timing.

Manzanita School garden – The pumpkins were found and returned in time to make their debut at the county fair.

Free speech is still the American way column – Unless you’re Mike Lindell (My Pillow), who was pulling into a drive–thru for lunch and was blocked by numerous government cars and his phone containing all his businesses and his hearing aid connection was confiscated. His sin? He’s a vocal Trump supporter.

Sept. 14 Miner front page – What a depressing front page on the 14th! A dead body found in an alley, two tax increases, and the death of Joe Hart. Good thing the front page doesn’t have room for five articles.

Put in culverts and storm drains to stop mud and rocks and deep, dangerous water from rain runoffs.

You mean there isn’t enough parking in Centennial Park for a game? Perhaps our library should require validation while open. Call the tow companies.

Is there anyone else out there who is tired of listening to the dirt bikes,etc. You can contact the KPD and you do not have to give your name. Where are the parents?

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