Letter | Biden’s dangerous for America

Today I learned Biden’s going to try bringing charges against governors shipping illegals out of their states to other destinations; namely sanctuary cities such as New York City. Unbelievable!

Perhaps Biden simply forgot, he snuck at least 150,000 illegals, mostly children, all across the country last year on secret night flights until our own Andy Biggs called him out.

And if any had sponsors, were they relatives, also illegals or just paid off? Many, we now know, ended up with total strangers. Scary for these children. Did Biden even care?

It’s outrageous that Biden and his far left liberal followers are fine pushing killing our unborn from conception until birth (most of whom would be American citizens) but instead prefer allowing millions of unknown illegals from over 150 countries, carrying what diseases we have no idea, what drugs, possibly terrorists, rapists, etc. to continue pouring over our southern border.

And of course, leaving the burden of care and cost of these masses to mostly Texas, Arizona and Florida.

And let’s not forget, we already allow a million annually into our country who come legally; more than any other country on Earth, because we are generous to a fault.

But let’s not be stupid. What is happening now benefits none. Thousands have died along the way from heat stroke and drownings, thousands of children have been sent here alone, some females are raped and thousands of young Americans have died from the fentanyl pouring in over an open border. And the financial cost to us taxpayers is stunning.

It used to be, Biden was only known as the life long liar that he is, plagiarizing many along the way.

But now we must add, with the help of many whispering in his tone deaf ears, he’s the man who has almost single-handedly destroyed the greatest country on Earth.

A November election is coming. Wake up people.

Let’s elect pro-American, law-abiding candidates who believe in closed borders, coming in the legal way, and ending senseless spending, and who want to use all of the resources God has provided in our land.

Linda Athens


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