Rants and Raves | Sept. 21, 2022

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Arizona man charged after girls found in enclosed trailer – Thank God for this child’s fingers; they could have been asphyxiated. This man is a snake like the other FLDS who prey on young girls. I hope he rots in prison. Otherwise, I’m non-violent.

Mass incarceration and COVID rant – I don’t think the loved one with that heart issue can recover from congestive heart failure no matter where he is. People who commit crime don’t get special treatment. Oh wait, there is one.

Biden meets with Griner family – We want to exchange an arms dealer for a woman who bounces a ball? That’s crazy. She went there on her own, it’s her problem. We have no responsibility for her return. She was in Russia and broke their law.

Disturbing to see the city and county actively scaring residents about the water. Their assumptions are outrageous. We should rejoice we have enough water and commit to doing more conservation. Let’s do something positive, like quit using groundwater on golf courses.

Mohave County Fair – A lot of us turned out for the fair on Friday thinking that with the Board of Supervisors running it, it would be better. It was terrible. Lots of open spaces inside the building, no crowds, no vendors.

Pastor seeks out missing migrants – Desert deaths can be prevented. Obey the law. Go through the proper channels to get into the U.S.

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