Community View | This great country of ours needs our help, and requires new leadership to do it

This great country of ours needs help and requires new leadership to help do it, and when I say new leadership, I don't mean present or prior leadership like Trump or Biden or anyone like them but one that has a positive vision of what this country once was and what it can return to.

We need someone like a Ronald Reagan or John Kennedy to get us back on track, not only here but on the world stage as we have slid downwards on both fronts over the years.

We must put our petty differences aside and rebuild what we once were and better yet improve.

As you can probably tell by now, I've been around awhile. I’m not ancient but I have seen us go through some good times and also rough ones like the Vietnam era, when our country was divided.

As a Navy Nam vet, I’m proud to have served voluntarily. I personally felt and witnessed that division first-hand as many vets did, but look at us now.

People are thanking us and all vets for our service, just an example of what we as a nation can and must do.

Violence, especially gun violence, is out of control and thousands of our citizens are losing their lives because of it and political party differences have not done near enough to stem the tide.

Now we face a more serious and extremely dangerous threat coming from certain Republicans and their supporters threatening violence should Trump be charged and prosecuted like any other American citizen would be.

What has happened to us? Just look around and see first-hand how divided we are. It’s something we MUST repair if we are to remain a federal republic and save our freedom and democracy.

I firmly believe many of us feel the way I do. Now we must all come together and do something about it. We will never agree on everything, but we can't continue on the path we are currently on.

(Tom Ciardullo is a resident of Golden Valley and a U.S. Navy veteran.)

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