Rants and Raves | Feb. 12, 2023

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Taking government statistics from January 2020 and January 2023, Biden has had an increase of 6.344 million jobs over Trump.

The Chinese communist balloon was spotted before it reached land. The deep state did not inform Congress. This is the real issue. If it weren’t for an independent newspaper photographer, we may never have known about it and it may never have been shot down.

Biden’s State of the Union Address – Left out was the fact Sarah Sanders speech was absolutely brilliant and spot–on, compared to Biden’s State of the Union Address, which was filled with lie after lie after lie. Sarah is definitely future presidential material.

Mohave County breaks ground for new animal shelter – Let’s not forget the dozens of homeless cats living by the downtown ballpark. Taking feed for them recently, 42 came around my ankles. Beautiful cats. Please do a story on them. Hopefully, some will be scooped up and given homes.

Tax cuts for the wealthy rant – Trump did not “just cut taxes for wealthy”. Those cuts expire in 2025. Please contact your senators and representative, asking them to extend the tax cuts for all.

I’ve called 911 twice this month for tweakers out here in Golden Valley shooting at night towards my property. No Sheriff’s deputies showed! Twice. So now if you hear of a shooting it would be me protecting my home that officers couldn’t or wouldn’t protect.

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