Rants and Raves | Feb. 24, 2023

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I have been a Republican all my life and I don’t agree with this rant at all. I don’t want to ban books although I do think the books in our schools should be age appropriate and approved by parents. I don’t treat LBGTQ people with disgust and actually have many friends and relatives who are LBGTQ. I don’t want to ban African American studies although I don’t want kids of any race to be labeled because of their race and the black woman I married and most of her family feels the same way. Most of my Republican friends feel the same as I do.

Ohio train derailment letter – Obama passed a law regarding train brakes to make people near rail lines safer. Trump repealed it as a benefit to big business. Biden offered FEMA aid to Ohio’s governor, who declined it. Stop with the fake news.

I believe many murderers start by injuring animals first. We must investigate all animal injuries to possibly catch/prevent the “birth” of a new murderer.

Kingman cat stay ‘sweet’ after being set on fire – Sick! My house has four wonderfully happy feral cats; two of mine and two my granddaughters’. They all have shots and are spade and neutered. As a fellow redhead, I would love to have Armstrong. Feral Cat Warriors are simply the best. God bless them.

‘Susie’ Emery Obituary – Rest in peace, Susie. Happy memories of you growing up on Spring Street and all the fun antics we had there. A very special girl passed away.

Some MAGA Republicans are way out of line calling for Republican states to divorce the US. This kind of rhetoric is tearing our country apart and is evil. Normal Republicans are condemning this talking point.

Derailment aftermath – How worried should we be? – Very worried! Biden is the worst US POTUS ever. He has appointed unqualified no–nothings like Buttigieg, who is totally unfit as Transportation Secretary. So far he hasn’t even visited the site, like Kamala Harris, border czar. Unnforgivable. Biden’s destroying America at break–neck speed.

Spy balloon letter – Your letter made a lot of sense. From now on I know I will try to buy only American.

State allocates $300M for Rural Road Maintenance – Great article to address infrastructure by our state reps! This should have been done by voters last year who voted down the sales tax hike. Many voters who voted no are those that complain the most about our streets & roads.

The Mohave County Adult Detention Center should probably be shut down. Its inhumane ...

Trump raised $250 million after the 2020 election for an “election defense fund” which never existed. Instead he used some of that money for his properties. Once a con man, always a con man.

Kari Lake lost. Voters voted and it was clear not enough of them liked her polices or personality. Anything she does now should be viewed with suspicion.

Thanks much to my newspaper delivery person for today’s edition. On this snowy, icy day, it arrived in a plastic bag in perfect condition!

Kevin McCarthy only gave Tucker Carlson, the most-right-wing media access to Jan. 6 insurrection videos. Carlson isn’t even a real journalist. Tucker will no doubt piece out parts and put his own spin on this narrative.

We can thank Republican elected officials for the deregulations of the Railroad Industry which happened under the Reagan and Trump administrations for these hazardous material incidents.

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