Rants and Raves | Feb. 26, 2023

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Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv: – Skipped Palestine, Ohio and our border. Ukraine visit did more damage than good.

Jimmy Carter enters hospice – Horrible as POTUS but wonderful human being who spent his life, with wife Rossalyn, helping others. We could all learn what Christianity is really about from this wonderful servant of God. Good prayers coming from my house for you, Jimmy.

Biden declares Kyiv stands in surprise Ukraine visit – But Biden won’t go to our southern border and see the destruction from his own “open–borders” policy, which s costing in illegals deaths en route, 26,000 unaccompanied children missing, 100.000 U.S. fentanyl deaths from cartels, and drug businesses, Border Patrol suicides from overwork and despair.

Mayor Pete missed the train in Palestine – Buttigieg should be immediately fired. His response: Others went, and he didn’t want to get in the way, He had similar events as mayor in Indiana? Actually, it was potholes. Not quite the same. He gives new meaning to incompetent.

Spy balloon calls for buying fewer Chinese goods – I totally agree. And items I find made in the USA I go ahead and buy, such as Ball Jars. Trump was working on manufacturing and more American products but Biden’s doing the opposite. He owes China, Ukraine, etc. of course.

What kind of Christian does not tell the truth and will fight a DOJ subpoena? Mike Pence, that’s who. What a hypocrite. Americans deserve to know the truth.

Arizona city considers replacing street names – So did they receive a “Tip” about which streets? Or grab a Thomas brothers and start leafing through, street by street, checking all names found until AH HA! WE GOT ONE! What a waste of time and taxpayer money.

Are Republicans asking to start another Civil War by stating we need a National Divorce from the U.S.? This kind of talking is unacceptable they need to read history books.

Arizona’s former Attorney General Republican Mark Brnovich hid a report from the public in which his own investigators stated that the 2020 election was conducted fairly and accurately by election officials. No honesty, ethics or morals at all. Hypocrites.

Trump rolled back safety regulations and slashed environmental protections for railroad companies then has the nerve to show up in East Palestine, Ohio to donate water. How two-faced can you bee.

It’s suspicious to me that Republican senators in Washington D.C. always block bills that would disclose political donor’s identities. What are they hiding from the American people?

Love it that we’re getting another brewpub in Kingman! Black Bridge has the best beers, and most of the downtown restaurants will deliver. Looking forward to see how Grand Canyon Brewery does.

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