Rants and Raves | March 1, 2023

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Kingman cat ‘Armstrong’ stays sweet after probably being set on fire – There are dozens (I counted 42 or more) of beautiful, homeless cats downtown living between the Little League park and the mobile home park. Facilities nearby will not take any of them. Please, go see, help find them homes.

Rants on Ohio train derailment – Very late for (U.S. Transportation Department) Secretary Buttigieg to show up in East Palestine and immediately blaming Trump’s DOT for withdrawing proposed rule that certain trains have electronically controlled pneumatic (EDC) brakes. Short story, this train didn’t even qualify, as corroborated by Norfolk Southern.

Dick Polman column: Georgia grand jury reaches conclusion about Trump lies – Polman, a radical Trump hater, left out the grand jury forewoman, Emily Kohrs, a practicing witch/magic spell caster/Trump hater who went on a Trump media tour taking away any integrity with her giggling and racial expressions. Kohrs appeared erratic, nuts, immature, clownlike. Picked as forewoman?

I have seen nothing that shows different brakes would have prevented flaming wheels from causing a derailment. The issue is the “release and burn” of the chemicals afterwards and the lack of support of U.S. citizens.

Tucker Carlson rant: It’s not news that commentator Tucker Carlson “... isn’t even a real journalist.” Neither is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. The ability to distinguish between topical commentary and unbiased journalism is a vital skill because mistaking opinion for facts can lead one astray.

Why do elected Republican officials for Arizona continue to perpetuate election fraud lies when it has been investigated over and over and it’s false? They need to be voted out.

Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sat on a report conducted by his own investigators that debunked 2020 Election Big Lie and allowed election workers to be threatened due to not releasing the report seven months before the 2022 election.

Trump repealed Obama’s law on train brakes. He caused the derailment. He was the worst POTUS in this nation’s history. He spent four years working on destroying America. God help us if he is elected again.

Britney Griner signs with Mercury – It’s odd who we make heroes these days in our country.

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