Rants and Raves | Jan. 4, 2023

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Panhandlers give Kingman a bad name. Yes, but how about the old fellow who parks in front of Burger King with a large flag declaring “F--- Joe Biden.” Whatever he thinks of Biden that language is disrespectful. My out–of–state friends refuse to eat at any Burger King until it stops.

To the people who keep using our front decorative yard for a turnaround, stop it, or bring a rake to clean up your mess. Where are your manners?

Russia gets back the “Merchant of Death” in a swap and the U.S. in return gets an America hating, black lesbian athlete! Any further comments would be unprintable.

Republicans have just demonstrated they can’t govern. They can’t even elect a House Speaker. This hasn’t happened in a century where it took multiple votes to elect a speaker.

Oh dear! Such a long list but I think they left off Bobby Rydell, teen idol who sang Wild One and much more. RIP Bobby. Many of us loved you.

The AP never misses a chance to mention “Trump’s Lies” but never elaborates on his lies. They can’t. Again, Biden, who couldn’t draw 50 people to his speeches, suddenly got 83 million to show up and vote for him?

City of Kingman voters reject sales tax increase for street maintenance – Jamie Scott Stehly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. If the street department would self perform like the county and other cities, street maintenance would not be a problem with our current funding.

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