Letter | Council is incompetent

Despite the Kingman City Council’s dog and pony shows to try to convince the city taxpayers to vote another tax on themselves, the measure failed.

No one believed their line that the additional money would go solely into roads. More than likely into the general fund to disappear into another boondoggle.

The City of Kingman budget has gone up substantially since 2009, and again since 2019.

Despite additional revenues, the city government continually explores new revenue sources instead of cuts to the budget. And their timing was beyond stupidity after we just went through a pandemic with record inflation and soaring energy costs.

Obviously fiscal responsibility is not high on their priority list.

The roads are bad in town, but how about a plan to fix one block per fiscal period or special improvement districts to fix the roads.

Our city government has never been reasonably competent, and it doesn't look like anything will change soon.

Larry Kersich


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