Rants and Raves | Jan. 15, 2023

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Mohave County Department of Emergency Management is conducting CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training sessions. I know Kingman doesn’t have many natural disasters, but I urge everyone to take the class. Contact mesm@mohavae.cov of call 928-753-0739.

I encourage everyone not to patronize any of the Dollar General stores in Kingman. The sooner they are not profitable, the sooner they leave.

House Republicans are going after Social Security and Medicare in their budget slashing that hard-working Americans deserve. They want to cut IRS funding to help out wealthy people. What a betrayal to middle class Americans.

We need green dumpster bins placed in various parts of city plus a closer transfer station built. This city needs to get with present-day needs and progress. We are fully capable, no excuse.

I already had moved from lifelong Democrat to Independent a year ago. We need to read and research all governing public servants. Pick wisely. Look into a third party (Forward Party) that focuses on local and state representation. According to Google ranked choice voting the two-party system is failing the middle class.

Congratulations to our election team of Mohave County. I have full confidence that the results were correct.

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