Letter | Circumcision is child abuse

Now that the election is over, will Republicans and Democrats allow certain religious faiths to continue acts of child abuse? This un-natural act is performed almost every time a male baby is born.

During the election, a lot was said about individual rights – the right of free speech, the right to own a gun, the right to have an abortion, but nothing about the right of a new born not to be tortured and have his body mutilated.

Circumcision of babies happens across the nation every day. One only has to witness this cruel religious act to be aware of the senselessness of it.

Commonsense should tell us the removal of the foreskin of a boy has nothing to do with the acceptance of a God, a right of passage. We should call it what it is – child abuse!

This inhuman treatment of a child is especially wrong considering in recent years the American Academy of Pediatrics has firmly stated that routine infant circumcision is medically unnecessary, except in specific health cases. Hopefully lawmakers will ban this torturous act upon our children.

Tom Allen

Golden Valley

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