Rants and Raves | Jan. 25, 2023

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Tom Allen letter: Circumcision is child abuse – The American Academy of Pediatrics also says it is the parents’ decision whether to circumcise a male child. They list many benefits based on scientific studies. An unbiased discussion can be found at healthychildren.org.

Sincerest sympathy to Richard in the loss of his brother, Marc. The Neal family was a wonderful credit to Mohave County including terrific parents Rita and Claude. RIP Marc.

Our streets are crumbling and city council wants to waste it on Beale Street, this while the everyday businesses must suffer with crumbling roads. Quit wasting money where most locals don’t shop.

Thank you Kevin McCarthy and the so-called “hard-liners” who stood up for their beliefs, obtained much and have been rewarded by McCarthy. Good riddance, Pelosi. Now, let the hearings begin. I can hardly wait.

Crista Worthy column: Banning books is for bullies – It seems like Ms. Worthy is more anti-Bible than anti-book banning. Whatever, there is a difference between banning books in general and being concerned about grade school kids being taught about sex, drag queens, homosexuality, etc. Maybe she is for that, too, but most people aren’t.

Some councilmembers having second thoughts about streetscaping – If the choice is more seating for bar/restaurant patrons or fixing Kingman’s pathetic streets, then the choice is simple. Fix the streets! Residents opposed a tax increase, so find another way, council.

Republicans campaigned on lowering gas prices, inflation and controlling spending. That’s why they were elected. Now, instead of doing that, they’re wasting time and taxpayers money with investigations. Republicans don’t know how to govern.

McCarthy’s election as Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives was democracy at work. You know, democracy, that thing that’s always under attack. That thing we’re always trying to protect. And you call that a debacle?

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