Rants and Raves | Jan. 29, 2023

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Frank Nieman Guest Column: City shouldn’t give up on downtown improvements – Mr. Nieman, that is probably a good project, but the fact is our city administration has ignored our streets for the past 10 years and we need every dollar we can come up with now.

US split over Roe – No child is left alone to die after being born. If Republicans could spend less time lying and trying to make everyone ignorant, we could actually address real problems in this country.

Kingman Rep. John Gillette bill would require educational materials to be posted online – As you acknowledge that these are our tax dollars, I would hope this same law would apply to charter schools also, since that also is our tax dollars.

Community View: Kingman needs to focus on water, traffic safety – And street maintenance!

Any possible way to use the shipping containers the state purchased for the border walls as homeless encampments statewide? Put a divider in the middle, a door on each end and a window on each side. You would just need to build communal bathrooms for sanitation purposes.

Republicans are trying to haggle regarding the debt ceiling and want to cut Social Security and Medicare. America needs to pay the bills. Republicans will put us in a recession with these antics.

Utilities think people on retirement/Social Security can pay very high utility bills and the cost won’t matter! With prices going up on everything seniors are struggling. Seniors need to keep their homes warm in the winter because of their aging bodies. Utilities need to give a lower billing for elderly.

That Paranormal Cirque sure seems weird. Why would the county schedule such a thing for the public fairgrounds?

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