Letter | Harry wants to lead his own life

You know folks, the Harry and Megan story is just a rerun.

Their whole story first played out before World War II when Elizabeth’s uncle broke from the royal lineage and moved to France. People crack under the pressure of being a royal and just want a real life instead.

The royal job description requires one to incessantly duck, dissemble, cover-up, omit, propagandize, fake, pose, dress-up, parade about, wave like a hero ... all to convince the rest of the population that God picked their family to live in a castle and rule forever.

It’s a hard job. Some people, like Harry, would rather be somewhere else and do something else, like tell the truth occasionally.

Harry’s Mom, Diana, went through a similar wringer, too, so give him credit for learning something from his elders. That is something we don’t do very well in America.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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