Rants and Raves | Feb. 1, 2023

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Two million died in the European wars we were in. But 63 million have died in the US from abortions according to Fox News. That is equal to wiping out the 300 U.S. cities with the highest populations. Unbelievable!

AZ GOP lawmakers OK rules to erase emails after 90 days - Email communications are essential to keep for transparency if in public office for a variety of reasons. The perception is you are hiding or covering something up. This is another example of not working on what is really important.

AZ GOP lawmakers OK rules to erase emails after 90 days – I see the Republicans forgot who they work for. They are on the road to Communist or Fascist government.

It’s so very painful to see the video on the young man being beaten by police and hearing him call out “mom.” My heart breaks. This should not be happening in America, nor anywhere else. Has our humanity been completely lost? What happened? It’s as if people are numb, without feelings, ethics and morals. So very sad.

Republicans trying to cut Social Security is a Democrat lie. Social Security is financed through a dedicated payroll tax. Government excessive spending is what is going to put us in a recession.

The local sports coverage is terrible right now. Not to send a reporter to KHS/LWHS on the Silent Night game is pathetic. Hire a sports editor, please.

Dangerous Hualapai Mountain Road – Already been at least one serious accident at Eastern. Try crossing at Jackson for Kwik Stop. Need a light at Hualapai and Jackson at least. If city doesn’t want one at Eastern at least have a three-way stop.

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