Letter | Thoughts on Presidents’ Day

Another Presidents’ Day has come and gone. It’s now basically a meaningless, nothing day enacted to give federal employees a three-day weekend while throwing out both Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays.

Oldies may remember the chill they felt when they heard The Star Spangled Banner played or how carefully we hung flags off our porches – not touching the ground; bring them in at night.

Now, I’m told, if you’re selling your home, don’t leave your flag displayed to possibly offend new buyers because we all know, the American flag now represents racism and it’s a given that white people (like Washington who led us in victory against the white English and Lincoln who freed the slaves) are all racists.

Another holiday on it’s way out is Columbus Day, now wrongly called Indigenous People’s Day.

Christopher Columbus was one of the finest Christians ever born, given magnificent sailing gifts by God to open the New World for Christian settlements. Now, of course, the big lie is that he killed indigenous people. He did not.

How did our current POTUS decide to spend President’s Day? He secretly flew to Ukraine to help them keep their borders safe while completely ignoring our southern border he opened to the entire world and so far ignoring a trip to a small mid-west Republican town that is reeling from a train derailment and severe chemical toxicity.

So much for Presidents’ Day.

Linda Athens


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