Rants and Raves | March 3, 2023

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The truth is finally coming out that Fox News lied over and over to their viewers about 2020 election fraud, all for money and to keep their viewers coming back. They don’t care about our Democracy.

I would like to hear what will happen with the Mohave County Adult Detention Center and the deaths that keep happening.

I do not understand how someone whose brain is not yet fully developed can’t buy alcohol nor tobacco, cannot enter into a contract nor legally consent to have sex, yet they can decide about permanently altering gender drugs and surgeries, especially without parental consent nor knowledge.

Fox News is not a journalistic news network; they have no integrity and don’t fact check anything. They’re just a network that tells their viewers lies. They should pay billions for their part in the insurrection at Capitol.

House Speaker McCarthy just gave Fox, the most unethical media network, access to sensitive Jan. 6 tapes. Tucker Carlson will use pieces to deny what happened because that’s what his viewers want.

No courts even took the Trump cases. Libs knew Trump won with the highest number of votes in U.S. history, used every dirty trick hiding it. And now, Biden’s destroying the greatest country the world has ever known. Happy, libs?

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