Letter | Wipe away student loans?

So, the President wants to wipe away student loans to the tune of $400,000 billion smackers. Where does he think the money is coming from, huh?

Well, it’s going to fall on you and me, the taxpayers. It won’t matter whether we are Republicans or Democrats. All of us are going to get hit.

For those of you who think it’s OK to forgive student loans, how about we forgive the loan I made on my new car? It’s not the same you say. But it is. I chose to get a new car just the same as that high schooler chose to go to college. I didn’t have to take a loan out to buy a new car. No one held a gun to my head. It was my choice. Same with the kid. No one forced him or her to get a loan.

Sinyetta Hill was quoted in the paper saying “I was 18 when I signed up for college. I didn’t know the loan was going to be this much of a burden.”

Did Ms. Hill get a part-time job like so many students have done in order to pay off her loan? When she was 18, was Ms. Hill mature enough to deal with the reality of paying off a student loan? Was she ready for college yet?

If after high school Ms. Hill had joined the work force and seen what the real world was like she might have been better mentally equipped to decide on the responsibility of a loan for college.

There are many companies that help pay for college if you are employed with them, such as UPS, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Verizon, Bank of America, Home Depot and many more. Many of those have entry level positions. Did Ms. Hill look into that?

Sinyetta Hill now expects me, a taxpayer, to pay for her loan and I don’t even know her.

So many responsible past students paid off their loans. Does this mean Old Joe wants to give them a refund, too?

T. Allen

Golden Valley

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