Rants and Raves | March 10, 2023

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We have a teacher shortage across the nation and it’s going to get worse because who wants to be a teacher nowadays when the radical right Republicans want to pass laws to prosecute teachers and librarians.

Tucker Carlson rant – Rachel Maddow was a Rhodes Scholar. Tucker inherited a lot of money. Journalism is supposed to gather facts. Tucker tells fairy tales.

Andy Worth letter: The Grand Old Party has died – Neither the Republican Party nor the Democrat Party are what they used to be. They both had different ways of doing things in the past but wanted the best for America. Today’s two parties have both veered from their history. The Democrat Party has become anti–American and pro–Socialist. The Republican Party has become way too pro–Trump. Extremist in both parties are ruining them.

Andy Worth letter: The Grand Old Party has died – Dream on! Favorites? Violent illegal felons now aren’t deported, young girls are sent Biden abortion pills.

Trump made more than $1.6 billion while president from foreign countries and his son–in–law made a $2 billion dollar deal as well so why are they not being investigated.

Tucker Carlson distorts facts about Jan. 6 attack. Mitch McConnell and other senators say he’s wrong and his facts are misleading. They were there and they know it was attack on the Capitol.

FOX News knew election conspiracies were bogus yet they didn’t want to lose their audience so they kept repeating the Big Lie. Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch stated the Big Lie was false.

There is absolutely no constitutional right in America to kill your unborn baby. The worst treatment of women is now Afghanistan where Biden left $85 billion in equipment and the country to the Taliban. It was an unGodly, cowardly, despicable act!

Tucker Carlson on Jan. 6 riots – This left–wing AP story is filled with lies. Five people did not die. Sicknick died of natural causes a day later. Liz Cheney and Trump haters carefully sidestepped the truth.

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