Rants and Raves | March 15, 2023

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If you think the Republicans have not denounced white supremacy, you have not been paying attention. Maybe you get your news from mainstream media alone. Even Donald Trump has renounced white supremacists several times. BTW, how about trying to bring us together, instead of tearing us apart as the CCP would like?

In case you don’t know it, Fox News is anti-Trump. They (and others) will use Trump to increase viewership and revenue, but, Rupert Murdock does not want Trump elected. He has said so constantly and works against him.

Kudos to Mohave Community College instructor Eric Osborn and those with whom he works. Finding, and especially creating Open Educational Resources is an exceptional way of helping improve Kingman, Mohave County, our state and our country. Thank you.

On the current online poll question about giving jets to Ukraine, you should explain that this would mean U.S. troops must be provided as it takes years to learn to fly them and it takes experts to maintain them and keep them ready. A vote for jets is a vote for U.S. troops fighting in Ukraine.

“Fox’s Tucker Carlson amplifies Jan 6 lies” and House “painstakingly” investigated? Both lies. Try Rosanne Boyland trampled to death, Victoria White viciously beating, Capitol Police tried throwing Derrick Vargo off a two-story ledge, Trump women shot with rubber bullets, a Green Beret rescued female that DC cops were trampling.

Tucker Carlson distorts facts about Jan 6 attack – Tucker showed video of officers peacefully escorting non-violent protesters everywhere, including the one wrongly nicknamed Shaman. This veteran hasn’t a mean bone in his body, wrongly depicted as violent, held forever, he’s now given four years? For what?

Rant about Tucker Carlson – Yes, people died. Sicnick did not die of “natural causes.” He died as a result of the J6 rioters. You can deny J6 all you want but that makes you look really bad.

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